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From one dog lover to another

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras

Nothing compares to the unconditional love you receive from your dog. It’s in the way they greet you with infinite tail wags at the end of a long day. How they’re always down for cuddles.

The puppy dog eyes they give you when you reach for their favourite treat. The guilty face they wear when they know they’ve misbehaved. The excitement they show when it’s time for a walk and you pull out their leash…

This is what inspired me to create Lakes and Leashes – a dog apparel company specializing in custom, handmade leashes and apparel for our best furry friends.

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Your dog deserves a leash that’s as special as they are.

Hi, I’m Bre, founder of Lakes and Leashes, Registered Practical Nurse and obsessive dog mom of Mumford and Roo.

While I now spend most of my days with my dogs by the lake (hence the name), my story started on the farm.

I’ve been surrounded by animals my entire life – and I was fortunate to grow up knowing the unconditional love of a dog. I know firsthand that no two dogs are the same.

And yet, when you visit the local pet store, the leashes lining the walls all have a similar (and, let’s be honest, boring) look and feel.

Tired of settling for drab colours and patterns, I decided to design my own. 

My first leash collection was named after my two golden labs, as well as many of my friends’ dogs. Nothing lights me up more than spotting them around town, repping their Lakes and Leashes gear. (Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@lakesandleashes) so we can see yours!). You can shop the collection or place a custom order.

I love capturing your dog’s personality through the leashes I create. All of my leashes are handmade in Canada from a soft, strong and flexible rope material that’s made to last.

I believe our dogs are worthy of receiving the best we have to give.

When I look back on my favourite memories in life, a dog is always there.

They make every milestone more meaningful, and fill even the most mundane moments with comfort and joy.

And as every dog owner inevitably comes to learn, our dogs’ lives are way too short.

While a dog may be one part of your life, in your dog’s eyes, you are their entire world.

This is why I think there’s always a good reason to give the extra treats. To stop what you’re doing for belly scratches. To go for the long walk in the sunshine, through the woods, or along the lake as your dog rocks their custom leash with pride.

You don’t need an excuse to spoil your dog.

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